Progress means simplifying, not complicating - Bruno Munari (1907-1998) FABIT Logo

Forget About IT® enables you to concentrate on your core business whilst giving you access to a professional and fast IT support service with low costs and guaranteed response times. We offer a completely new way to solve your IT worries and guarantee that your data is secure. Forget About IT® provides a managed in-house solution that enables you to spend your time growing and developing your own business and not worrying about IT.

The service gives you:
  • Fixed and controllable monthly costs
  • Access to the latest technology
  • The services of qualified skilled engineers
  • A disaster recovery programme
  • Remote management and backup solutions
  • 24 hour system monitoring
  • Protection and Reassurance
  • A rolling upgrade programme
There are four key elements to the Forget About IT® service:
Many small businesses have no backup strategy. A recent CBI survey estimated that 80% of businesses could potentially fail within 6 months of a major data loss, can you afford to take that risk?
Estimates state that 100,000 computers are compromised every day. Incidents that could have been prevented by routine server administration, which Forget About IT® provides as part of the package.
Technical SupportSupport
With just one phone call you can reach our highly skilled engineers who will remotely access your server minimising your business interruption and downtime and leaving you free to concentrate on developing your own business.
Forget About IT® manages the hardware and sources this from trusted names such as IBM, DELL & SUPERMICRO, so you have no capital outlay. You have no warranty issues as we own, manage, maintain, repair, replace and upgrade the system whenever required.