Progress means simplifying, not complicating - Bruno Munari (1907-1998) FABIT Logo
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Q 1:Why does the backup data storage capacity seem low?
Q 2:Why can't I buy the server?
Q 3:Why does Forget About IT® supply the server hardware?
Q 4:What is Forget About IT®'s Disaster Recovery Plan?
Q 5:What is Forget About IT®'s response time to problems?
Q 6:How does Forget About IT® provide a secure backup strategy?
Q 7:What sort of technical support do I get?
Q 8:Why would I want my computers to be networked?
Q 9:What does an Email Server do?
Q 10:What does a File Server do?
Q 11:What is Remote Backup?
Q 12:What do I need at my site?
Q 13:I backup my data onto disks and CDs why would I need external backup?
Q 14:But I can already easily access the internet.
Q 15:But I already backup my files onto the hard drive, why would I need additional backup?
Q 16:But I could buy my own server for less!
Q 17:I have no computer training, can I still use a Forget About IT server?
Q 18:Can you use my server hardware?
Q 19:Can I use an Apple® workstation?
Q 20:Can I use my Windows® workstations?
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Q 21:Will Forget About IT® sort out my workstation problems?
Q 22:How secure is the system against being hacked?