Progress means simplifying, not complicating - Bruno Munari (1907-1998) FABIT Logo

Forget About IT® offers solutions that are customised to meet your business needs. For a fixed monthly cost we manage and maintain your IT infrastructure providing support and back up. In addition with our ongoing investment programme you will receive new services as they are developed and rolled out. Modules currently available include:

File SharingFile and Print Server Module
Primarily aimed at Windows users, this module can be extended to Apple users and Unix type environments. The server is based at your premises but remotely managed allowing new users, groups and storage areas to be added at any time. Networking issues can also be identified and managed remotely.
Web MailEmail Server Module
By locating the email server at your premises email retrieval is faster, as the server is on a local network. Forget About IT® provides IMAP email server solutions using Cyrus, Postfix, Clam Anti virus and Spam Assassin. Web mail also allows your employees to access their email wherever they are in the world.
Address BookDatabase Server Module
Forget About IT® provides database servers customised to meet your exact requirements. Primarily based on PHP and MySQL the database server provides a repository that can be accessed via a web interface. This means that client licenses are not required, further reducing your expenditure.
CalendarRemote Backup Module
We provide a 3-layer disaster avoidance procedure that protects your business in the event of data loss or disaster recovery. First, we use mirrored hard drives on the basic server. Secondly, we copy all your data to our servers every night and make historical copies. Thirdly, each of those servers have their own multi-disk fault-tolerant infrastructure.
System InformationAdvanced Firewall Module
Forget About IT® provides a highly customisable firewall that is supported and maintained. This allows you to link offices together using Virtual Private Networks (VPN's), speed up web downloads with a web proxy server, monitor your internal network for viruses and trojans, fail-over solutions for ADSL problems and much more.