Progress means simplifying, not complicating - Bruno Munari (1907-1998) FABIT Logo
Features List
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Anti Virus file scannerNightly Anti-Virus scans
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam email filterScans all incoming email for spam and viruses
Authenticated Email SendingSending emails from anywhere.
Automatic Email ArchiveEmail retention for compliance requirements
CalDAV ServerCalendaring Server
CardDAV ServerAddress Book Server
Company ManualWiki-based company documention system
Email EncryptionOportunistic encryption of incoming emails
Encypted dataEncypted file storage
Enhanced WebmailAlternative webmail system with enhanced features
File PermissionsSecure filing areas with group permissions
Learning Spam FilterSelf improving spam detection system
Mailing ListsSelf managed mailing lists
• Offsite BackupRemote backup system
Every night our system copies all of your data that has changed since the last backup. This happens every night. When the backup has finished, we take a snapshot of your data and store it so that future backups will not overwrite it. This means that we can retrieve older copies of your documents, in case something important got overwritten rather than just deleted. We keep daily snapshots for a week, weekly snapshots (copied from the Saturday night backups) for a month, and monthly snapshots (copied from the last backup of the month) for a year. On at least two separate servers. So by the end of a complete cycle, we have at least 40 copies of your data. We enhanced the system in Dec 2008 to allow us to control the amount of bandwidth the process uses, and have optimised the code so that the smaller, more frequently changed files are given priority over larger files. In 2010 we added the ability to run additional backup scripts both pre and post the main backups so that we could easily customised any additional backups a client wanted to perform at the same time. - This feature is part of the Backup Module and was added to all our systems on 30th September 2005.
OpenVPNRemote Access via OpenVPN
Out Of OfficeUnattended "Out Of Office" replies
Password ChangeWeb based password changing
PDF Virtual PrinterCentralised PDF Printer
PPtP VPNRemote access via Microsoft PPtP VPN
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Recycle BinServer Recycle Bin
Redundant Hard DrivesMirrored hard drives on all servers
Roaming ProfilesSupport for Windows' "Hot Desking" system
Server Side email rulesAdvance server-based email filtered rules
Shared Address BookLDAP based address book
Shared CalendarAn iCal based system that easily allows you to share your diary.
Shared CD/DVD driveUsing the server's CD/DVD drive from a workstation
Shared Email FoldersEasy access to special mailboxes
Spam Source blacklistingOur servers will refuse to accept email from known sources of spam mail
Virtual MachineServer based virtual machines
Web File BrowserWeb based remote access to files
Web MailWeb based access to your emails
WebDAV file browserRemote access using WebDAV
WikiWiki software for company manual
WINMAIL.DAT attachment decoderYTNEF filter to decode WINMAIL.DAT email attachments