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Schedule of Monthly Charges
ModuleMonthly Cost £'s (ex-VAT)
File and print server50.00
Email server50.00
Database server50.00
Virtual Machine server50.00
Basic infrastructure50.00
Standard firewall50.00
Advanced firewall100.00
Stand Alone Mail Archiver firewall160.00
Pricing Calculator*
Base infrastructure module:£ 50.00
File and print server module:£ 50.00
Email server module:£ 50.00
Database server module:£ 50.00
Virtual machine server module:£ 50.00
Advanced firewall module:£ 50.00
Sub total:£ 160.00p/m
VAT at 20.0%:£ 32.00p/m
Monthly total:£ 192.00p/m
Basic installation cost guideline:£ 200.00+VAT
*This calculator is intended as a guide only. Please contact us with your requirements
Active Server Users
NumberMonthly Cost £'s (ex-VAT)
Up to 530.00
Up to 1050.00
Up to 2075.00
Up to 30125.00
Up to 40150.00
Up to 50175.00
Optional: Desktop Support30.00 per user/computer
Remote Off-Site Backup
Data SizeMonthly Cost £'s (ex-VAT)
Up to 25GB of data30.00
Up to 50GB of data50.00
Up to 100GB of data75.00
Up to 250GB of data100.00
Up to 500GB of data200.00